Working thoughts

I can tell it's about time to put ink to paper. Every thought grows heavier with the weight of its own significance until it's put onto the white expanse...

A working thought:

One of the beauties of living a life of God's authoring is not knowing what has been foreshadowed until you stand illuminated with the Author's hindsight.

I love those ah-ha moments when you can look back with gratitude upon God's authorship of every circumstance, every relationship, every seeming coinsidence knowing that you are living amid -- and because of -- God's grace and love.

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Random gratitude

Today I'm thankful for God's gifts of patience and undershirts.

A couple of months ago, Natalie decided that she no longer liked wearing, well, most of her clothes. She stopped wearing pants, shorts, shirts, even skirts that she'd been wearing just the week before. All she wanted to wear was one particular dress. With a little digging, we found in her dresser two more dresses (that we'd used as night gowns) that would be suitable for Natalie to wear.

I tried to walk the fine line between constantly badgering her with, "We're leaving in 5 minutes whether you're dressed or not," and, "Okay, sweetie, we'll stay home until your one outfit is washed and dried ... again."


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Hobbit Party

We celebrated Andrea's 33rd birthday with a party to make Bilbo proud

Thank you to my dear friends and family who ventured to Middle Earth to celebrate my hobbit coming-of-age on Aug. 27. Thank you for your wonderful costumes, the flowers, the live music, the food and drink, the gifts, and your smiles and cheer.

A special thanks to Sam for taking these wonderful photos so we can remember God's many blessings to us all.


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Recent photos

Our website got hacked a while back, but Bret tackled the security problems and we're online again!

Here are some recent photos of the girls to show just how big they've gotten. Natalie is almost 4 1/2, and Naoim is almost 2 years old.

Natalie shows off her muddy hands after making mud pies and chocolate mud ice cream in the back yard.

Naomi is as enthusiastic as ever about climbing anything and everything.

Lovely, silly girls.

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Finally ... photos!

A new family photo, taken during a favorite Fall tradition: the hayride at Avila Valley Barn.

That's our girl... Naomi sure loves to climb. Everything. Fortunately, she's good at it. Unfortunately, she's good at it.


Andrea, Friday 29 October 2010 at 01:00 am Two comments

October update

Lots to catch up on ... photos to follow

I recently posted this entry on my craft blog -- apologies for the duplication, but I've got to run after Naomi, who just overturned a box of puzzle pieces in the hall...

There is a tremendous backlog of photos that just yesterday made it from my camera onto the computer. Who knows when I'll be able to sort through photos from the past two-plus months, but I just might have some spare time in the next few weeks.

By way of a short update, all my creative energy for the past three months has been poured into coordinating a wedding for a very dear friend. Oct. 9 was the big day, and I'm happy to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience -- from the behind-the-scenes coordination and crafts to the moment when the bride walked down the aisle to her groom, and even the tear-down and cleanup went smoothly (in an exhausting way).


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Happy Birthday, Naomi!

It's been quite a first year with our Naomi. Shortly after she was born, our midwife pronounced that the 9lb 5oz newborn was quite "rugged." Her size, her presence, and her volume in those first moments of life indeed have revealed a rugged spirit in Naomi.

"Gusto" also comes to mind -- every accomplishment, milestone, injury, and sickness has been done, met, survived, and weathered with gusto. On the eve of her birthday, true to form, Naomi split her lip in the bath, an injury that led to a gory scene, more gray hairs for me and Bret, and a 1-year-old who's little worse for the wear. 

We celebrated her birthday today at our favorite family place, Tolo Cellars, a quaint and comfy winery in Paso Robles. It was a lovely summer scene made complete with family and dear friends, a picnic, strawberry cheesecake, our favorite wine, and a birthday girl who, surprisingly, did not put her face in the cake (she did, however, touch the burning candle, which left red wax on her finger).

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J is for jump

and other July activities

The girls have been so cute together...

Natalie is allowed to jump on our bed only with Mommy or Daddy in the room. This time, I had the camera...


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