Vulpes vulpes

One night very shortly after we moved into our house, we were awakened by a yelping, screeching, croaking sound that neither of us had ever heard before. It kind of sounded like two cats fighting, but also kind of like a bird of prey being choked by a bullfrog.

I mentioned it at a homeowner’s association meeting, and one of the folks there said that it was probably “the hillside fox.” He said that there was a fox who lived in the open space behind our complex (right behind our house), although it wasn’t seen very often.

We didn’t see the fox for a long time, but eventually we did, and that was pretty exciting. Later on, Andrea was walking on the hill and saw not just the one fox but two—seemingly a male and a female. And just in the past several months, we’ve seen a juvenile walking around too. Sometimes they come down very close to the fence line to get water or just see what’s going on.

Last week, we looked out the window and saw the juvenile fox right outside the fence. Sadly, he (she?) looked pretty beat up—his tail was ragged and at least one eye seemed to be swollen shut. Here are a couple of photos we got of the poor thing:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Not a great way to end 2006…but happy new year anyway to all the foxes on our hill.

Bret, Thursday 04 January 2007 at 10:54 pm No comments
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