Catching up

Already this year is messing with my sense of time’s flow — it’s March already? It’s only March? Somehow January flew by, February felt like two months smooshed together, and now March is more than half over. I’m not complaining; I’m just confused.

Anyhoo, we Rookses have been alternately busy and mellow. January was a month of family festivity. Natalie turned one, and we celebrated with family and with friends. We also got part of our backyard landscaped.

February allowed us to relax a little at the beginning, and then we were blessed with family visits. Bret’s parents visited in the middle of the month, and we had a great time at Montana de Oro. Then my mom and stepdad visited for a long weekend. We had high hopes for a fun time around town, but we got sick. First I got the gnarly cold that was hitting just about everyone we know. Then Natalie got it. It’s the sickest she’s ever been, and she ended up coming down with an ear infection. Then Bret got sick. He was smart and stayed home from work a few days and thus didn’t get terribly ill.

In the midst of sickness, I finished up the last of my and Natalie’s stint with New Times as its proofreader. I’d been working there (with Natalie — she and I shared the newspaper’s kid room) two days a week since Sept. 10. I loved the work, and Natalie was cooperative most days. As she began getting more active, it became more difficult for me to concentrate on deadline. So, Feb. 27 was my last day. I’m now staying home with Natalie, going with the flow. (For the record, I am working a couple hours a week at our church’s office until a more permanent administrative assistant can be found.)

Also in February, Bret and Ryan (aka Halfpenny Orchestra) recorded five songs and wrote a couple more for the FAWM challenge.

March has been wonderful thus far. My dad and stepmom visited for a week. They recently purchased a tiny travel trailer and were eager to try it out on the Central Coast. They camped in Morro Bay, which allowed Bret and I to enjoy some vicarious camping.

In the midst of all this, Natalie has continued to grow cuter and cuter every day. She’s not walking yet, but has taken some isolated first steps. She’s talking more and more and saying some actual words in the mix, including: hi, hello, cow, Hat (for her friend Hattie), and hot. She’s also exhibiting quite the strong will and a very strong distaste for teething — she’s getting four molars at the moment (if there was audio with this post, you’d hear her crying in the background). She also has to have a minor surgery to probe open her blocked tear duct. It’s not scheduled yet (I am waiting for a call from the doctor’s office), but we’ll keep you posted.

I hope to write more regularly, both on our blog and for New Times (and maybe even some magazines). I am also up to my eyeballs in craft projects — the most pressing is the production of 150 wedding programs and 150 thank-you cards for my friend’s May 31 nuptials.

All in all, the weather is gorgeous, and we’re healthy and happy.

PS I’ve been able to finish reading a few good books lately: Heat by Bill Buford; Catfish and Mandala by Andrew Pham (both books are nonfiction, which I’ve never really been interested in before); and I’m now reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

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