Reflections on a weird normal day

I felt kind of strange all day yesterday. I was physically exhausted from too many days without naps, but I was mentally energized and eager to go shopping.

I don’t love “shopping” in the normal female recreational sense of the word (meaning, I don’t like spending hours in clothing stores trying on expensive outfits and maxing out my credit cards).

I do, however, love shopping at Target. I’d been hoping to make my monthly pilgrimage to Target (there are two Target stores on the Central Coast: one is 30 miles north, and the other is 30 miles south, so a shopping trip takes a little planning ahead). I was mentally eager to get out of the house and surround myself with lovely things I can’t afford while filling my shopping cart with toilet-bowl cleaner and baby wipes.

But, like I said, I was exhausted to the point of not being able to make up my mind about getting in the car and heading south (I was also hoping to swing by my old office and see some former coworkers and grab lunch). At the height of my indecision, Sarah Miller called (she would have been in the lunching and Target-shopping party). I confessed my befuddlement, and she suggested that I stay home and rest and perhaps run an errand downtown if I remained eager to go shopping.

I stayed home and rested and did eventually run some errands downtown. Here’s what strikes me as odd about yesterday:

  • Odd in a good way: If I had left the house as early as I’d wanted to, I would have missed two important phone calls.
  • Odd in an unsettling way: Why do I love buying things? Why am I persistently charmed by all the vain things of this world? I can’t just run in and run out of a store focused on purchasing what I really need. I am consistently distracted (mostly by adorable outfits that I want for Natalie) to the point of coveting. I find myself trying to justify fudging our semblance of a budget just so I can get what I want.
  • Odd in an even more unsettling way: I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy a bridal shower gift for a friend. I don’t like shopping in Victoria’s Secret, but I had a $10-off coupon. Everything is overpriced, and it’s one of the stores whose hordes of attractive young salespeople makes me feel frumpy and pimply and self-conscious no matter how hard I’ve tried to grow up since high school. (Other stores on that list include the Gap and any cosmetics store.) However, yesterday I felt pretty good about myself. I had Natalie strapped in the carrier like a beautiful human shield. I/she got lots of loving attention from the 10 saleswomen (no exaggeration), and I didn’t feel guilty for not purchasing the $45 tiny negligee. I walked out of the lace- and perfume-laden store relatively unscathed.

Andrea, Saturday 22 March 2008 at 12:45 pm No comments
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