Pop Quiz, Hotshot

So, after finding a link to this site on Craig’s blog, I decided to try it and see how I’d do. After all, it’s just the kind of meticulous eye strain-inducing test that we all like to take for fun now and then. Right? Are you with me? Guys?

After spending long enough on it to discover a few helpful strategies and develop a mild headache (translation: way too long), I nervously hit Score Test…and got a zero. Every colored block in the correct place. I’m pretty surprised that it turned out that way, since there were a few that didn’t look quite like they fit anywhere, but apparently I guessed right. Anyway, I’ll take it.

So what were the strategies I came up with? Turn your monitor brightness up and adjust your screen angles if you’re on an LCD. Move the blocks which most match the extremes toward the ends first and then try to fill in the middle. When you’re getting close, try moving each square left and right by one space and decide if the spectrum is better or worse than it was before the move.

And in the end, remind yourself that it’s a meaningless amusement on the internet, and not really worth a headache…

Bret, Tuesday 16 September 2008 at 01:38 am two comments
Craig, (Email ) (URL) - 19-09-’08 22:26

Oh my God you’re reading my blog?! AHHHH!

Not being hopped up on coffee definitely helps the test. Good job on that zero. My hero.

Bret, (Email ) (URL) - 21-09-’08 16:09

Yep, I found you over lunchtime a couple of weeks ago, from Ryan Miller’s blog to Jeremy Isch’s blog to Rob Dixon’s blog…I think. You’re now officially on my blogs-to-read-when-I-have-time-to-read-blogs list.

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