Behold the Green Lantern ... limited time only

We recently had our house painted (it’s not quite as bright in reality as it looks in this photo)...

If you are aware of my penchant for the color green, you’re no doubt assuming that I chose the color of our house. Well, the truth is that Bret and our neighborhood’s homeowners association (HOA) board president chose the color scheme.

However, the rest of the HOA board members did not like the colors (neither did they like the fact that the board president didn’t run the scheme by them), so they’re repainting our house in the near future (they have to vote on new appropriate color schemes).... Fortunately, we don’t have to pay anything out of our pockets.

In the meantime, our house has been quite the conversation piece. I had no idea people could have so many opinions about a house color! We’ve heard many a suggestion on what would look better (thanks, mom), and we’ve had many friends proclaim that they love the colors and that the board doesn’t know what’s good for the neighborhood (thanks everyone).

Anyway, our house is still our home, and green is still my favorite color…

Andrea, Tuesday 30 September 2008 at 2:36 pm three comments
Jen Smith, (URL) - 01-10-’08 13:24

It’s an Earth Elements home in a Soft Subtles neighborhood.

I like it.

Craig, (Email ) (URL) - 10-10-’08 18:51

Oh, HOA’s… how fun. Maybe you can get bright green drapes?

Bret, (Email ) (URL) - 11-10-’08 13:54

Update: The current solution is that we’re picking a body color off of the newly-approved color charts which is more like what we thought we were getting—sage, not pistachio. The earthy brown is staying, and I think the red around the windows is getting changed to brown too.

This is all fine with us…all the original colors came out brighter than we expected, for some reason or other.

(And our HOA really isn’t too bad overall…I was on the board for two years and got to know some of the people. They’re relatively subdued.)

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