Ready and waiting

Today's the due date, and I'm feeling about as ready as I could hope to be. My body's getting ready, and the baby is in the right position. Our house is pretty ready, too. Late last week, we moved our dining room and living room furniture in preparation for our planned and hoped-for home birth.

In the dining room, we set up the birth tank, which is much like a portable hot tub that I hope to use while in labor. Natalie was born in a tub much like this one, also in the dining room ...

The warm water goes a long way toward helping alleviate some of the labor pains -- I just hope we can fill the tub in time for me to enjoy it. My labor with Natalie was so fast that I was only in there for 13 minutes before she was born!

In addition to the birth tub, we have all the necessary supplies on hand, which will supplement the equipment our midwife will bring. In the unlikely event that she can't make it to our house in time, we have a "daddy catch kit" ready, just in case Bret's the only one around when the baby's ready to be born.

I also have a basket ready for the new baby, complete with diapers, a T-shirt, a gown, socks, wipes, and a receiving blanket.

We've been doing as much as possible to help Natalie get ready for the new baby's birth and presence in our family. Since we hope to have her as involved in the birth as she wants to be, I've been showing her videos of home births and water births. We've also told her repeatedly that the new baby will nurse a lot, so she'll have to share Mommy. We also tell her that new babies cry a lot, and can't play yet or eat anything except mommy's milk. One of her current favorite books is the Berenstain Bears "New Baby."

During my appointment with my midwife today, I learned that I'm already between 3 and 4 cm dilated and the baby is nice and low, ready to be born any time. She was careful to say that it could be another week before the baby comes, but I'll be surprised if it's more than a few days at the most. We'll keep you updated!

Andrea, Friday 10 July 2009 at 7:18 pm One comment
Regina, (Email ) (URL) - 13-07-’09 21:49

Praying for you. xo

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