Counting blessings

(complete with photos)

I'm still ever so pregnant, but I've turned an emotional corner since yesterday's post. I feel at peace and have been actively enjoying the time with Bret and Natalie. Thank you to all who've been praying, e-mailing, and calling with encouragement! I feel truly uplifted.

One of my favorite blessings of this week has been family breakfast time. Bret's been home since Wednesday, spending time with the fam and making sure I don't get stranded at the grocery store with broken water! Wednesday morning I was inspired to make a full-blown breakfast for all of us complete with OJ, bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. We've had similar breakfasts together each morning since. Yesterday we went out to a bakery after buying fruit and veggies at the Saturday morning farmers' market. This morning I made French toast with fresh strawberries and peaches on top, and, of course, bacon on the side...

It's also been a blessing to see Bret have time to revisit some of his hobbies, namely cleaning ancient coins. He got Natalie involved by giving her a handful of pennies, a small container of water, and an old toothbrush so she could clean coins of her own. We're now teaching her how to say "numismatist."

Today, we're going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch (thanks mom!) and a drive along the coast. Maybe a spicy lunch will get labor started. We'll keep you posted...

I added some photos below:

Natalie and Hattie were rock stars at our friend's birthday party on Wednesday (July 15).

Natalie got to clean some of her own pennies while Daddy cleaned ancient coins yesterday (July 18).

Natalie likes to help Daddy make coffee on special mornings. She's gotten a lot of experience this week, as Bret's been home since Wednesday. Today, she helped scoop and stir the grounds (July 19).

Andrea, Sunday 19 July 2009 at 2:03 pm One comment
Susan, - 19-07-’09 19:30

Reading this post makes me hungry! I love breakfast and it sounds like you’ve been having good ones.

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