Naomi Elizabeth Rooks

Pictures Galore

After much anticipation, we are excited to welcome Naomi Elizabeth Rooks into our family. She was born at 12:53 am last night (July 24), at 9 lb. 5 oz. and 23 inches long(!). Labor was only 2 1/2 hours, but Andrea will tell that story later...

Everyone is healthy and feeling great, and we're all looking forward to spending time together resting and getting to know each other.

There are a whole mess of photos after the on them all for larger versions (and email us if you want larger larger versions).

Bret, Friday 24 July 2009 at 9:32 pm nineteen comments
Grandma Sue, (Email ) - 24-07-’09 22:46

I am sooooooooo happy for you all! What a joy! Can’t wait to actually meet Naomi! Cherish each moment!

Jen Smith, (URL) - 24-07-’09 23:15

She’s sooooo gorgeous! Oh I can’t wait to meet her, but I will most definitely wait until there is absolutely no lingering sickness on my part. pout No fair no fair!

Grandpa & Grandma Rooks, (Email ) - 24-07-’09 23:20

Beautiful, beautiful baby girl! Welcome Naomi! We can’t wait to see her. Love you, love you, love you.
Good job Bret and Andrea :-)

Shannon Pierce, (Email ) - 25-07-’09 00:10

welcome baby Naomi! We can’t wait to meet you!

Courtney Kienow, - 25-07-’09 00:32

You all look amazing! I can’t believe the 2.5 hour labor! So great to hear you’re all happy and healthy. See you Sunday… ha :)

Great Auntie Heidi, - 25-07-’09 00:38

Hi my little cherubs. Oh my, what a joy to have another little girl. Naomi Elizabeth is a doll and look at the little angel Natalie smiling at her new baby sister. Congrats kids!! Well done!! Hugs and kisses to you all.

Rosemary & Jim Smith, - 25-07-’09 00:54

Congratulations on your precious new blessing! She is beautiful and Natalie looks delighted with her little sister. We rejoice with you all!

Regina, (Email ) (URL) - 25-07-’09 01:34

May God be praised!
Congratulations to all of you!
With our love.
Uncle Todd & Aunt Regina

Susan, - 25-07-’09 02:23

Congratulations! She’s beautiful.

Greg & Ivy Hamerly, - 25-07-’09 05:18

Congratulations Bret and Andrea and Natalie and Naomi! We are so glad Naomi finally arrived! We were both 2-3 weeks late ourselves, so our moms can empathize.

Lara Laity, (URL) - 25-07-’09 10:50

Yay!!!Good job Mommy! Welcome to the world little girl!
9.5?! Wow!

Brandon Edmonds, (Email ) - 25-07-’09 17:13

Woohoo!!!! Can’t wait to meet the little one! Well, actually, I suppose I can wait until you are all finished your catch up sleep etc… Hurray!!! I am so happy for you all!!!!

Aunt Judy & Uncle Bill, (Email ) - 25-07-’09 20:47

Congrats on your darling baby girl. Glad all went well and now your family can enjoy the rest of the summer together. Such lovely names you have chosen for both of your daughters!

Jen Graham, (Email ) - 27-07-’09 01:01

Congratulations Rookses! You have another beauty on your hands. Both girls are gorgeous!

lisa m, (Email ) (URL) - 27-07-’09 16:52

congratulations!!! she’s gorgeous…i can’t wait to see the two little Rookses running around with the two little Millers!!

Tim and Mary Ann Riley, (Email ) - 27-07-’09 17:57

Thank you for sharing your photos with us, what a beautiful family. Way to go girl- 9+ pounds and it looks like natural!!!! Let us know what day in the next week or so we can drop food by and if you have any request.

Tim, Mary Ann, and Tyler Riley

Andrea Mills, - 27-07-’09 19:46

CUTE, cute cute!! Congrats!

Sarah Hamner, (Email ) - 28-07-’09 14:38

Wowsers! Welcome, baby Naomi! Sounds like birth and baby are happy stories. You all look so lovely. We miss you and hope all these little girls can meet soon.

Love, Sarah

Joel & Destiny, - 28-07-’09 15:25

What a joyous time! We celebrate with you and send all our love to you and your ever growing family. What a beautiful new addition!

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