Six days of bliss

highlights from Grandma Julie's camera

These first six days of Naomi's life have been blissfully smooth, almost strangely so. I feel pretty normal for having just had a baby, and I owe so much to my mom for being here. She's taken wonderful care of me, Bret, and Natalie -- bringing us breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed; taking Natalie on all manner of errands; cleaning the house; helping me assemble birth announcements; distracting Natalie at crucial moments when I can't pay the requisite amount of attention to her... The list goes on and on.

Tomorrow, she leaves, and I'm not as worried as I should be! She's gotten us off to a good start. And like she told me yesterday, during these next few days and weeks, I'll no doubt feel like an airplane touching down for a rough landing. At least I know there's solid ground beneath my feet. Thanks, mom!

I'm getting very excited for the next wave of visitors -- we've got two sets of friends visiting over the next couple of days, then my dad and stepmom over the weekend, then Bret's folks next week. Then a weekend alone, and my mom returns to help when Bret goes back to work... I'm extremely grateful for all this help, love, and encouragement...

And now for some photos (there are more below the first one; and just as a reminder, click on the first one to enlarge the photo and to scroll through all the photos).

Andrea, Wednesday 29 July 2009 at 10:07 pm No comments
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