Goodness and mercy

Beautiful moments and lots of photos

The other day, Natalie added a new song to her repertoire, which includes "Happy Birthday" and "Ladybug Picnic." Bret first heard her in the garden singing "forever, forever, forever, forever." He asked her if it was a song from church, and she said yes. I later heard her singing it, but couldn't place exactly which song it was, since her tunes aren't totally reliable.

This morning while getting ready for church, I figured out the song -- "Surely Goodness and Mercy" -- one of my favorites. Then we sang it in church today, and Natalie clapped along and joined us in the chorus, which ends with "forever, forever, forever, amen."

My heart overflowed with joy and worship as my eyes brimmed with tears to hear my daughter singing a praise song along with the congregation, with her daddy leading on guitar. I hope and pray that she will always have this childlike love and joy for worshipping God....

In other news, we've had many happy moments, disciplinary challenges, and small miracles over the last week. The temperature soared past 100 degrees at the end of the week, which presents an extra challenge for the best of us. We survived, thanks to strategic fan placement and sweaty naps, and we're again enjoying this area's blissful breeze...

Here are some photos from this past week or so (click on 'read more' for the rest):

Thank you, friends and family, for all the adorable outfits for Naomi! I've been trying to photograph her in her new outfits -- here are a few...

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