Smiles, etc.

Hot weather, head colds, and an animal adventure

It's been quite a week. The first few moments of Monday morning were not so promising, but the day ended up being eventful, productive, and surprisingly smooth. Our activities included grocery shopping, Naomi's 1-month checkup (during which we learned that she now weighs 11 lbs 3 oz), and an hour in the Social Security Administration office (during which Natalie was patient beyond her years!).

Tuesday, however, was more challenging.

(lots more thoughts and photos below)

Naomi and I came down with a cold, which we're now getting over. It's been a bummer of a head cold that kept us housebound for Tuesday and Wednesday, which were both very hot days. I hit bottom on Wednesday, and Bret came home early to my rescue -- he took Natalie out for some errands and returned with burritos.

Thursday was filled with errands, American style. I loaded my girls in the car, hit the drive-thru Starbucks 20 miles north of here on our way to Target, which is 30 miles north. On the way back from a thoroughly enjoyable Target trip -- where we met up with Sarah, Hattie, and Tilly -- we hit the drive-thru In-N-Out for a double-double. The girls enjoyed an air-conditioned nap, while I enjoyed some air-conditioned quiet (for the last half of the trip, anyway). I was so desperate for the girls to continue napping in peace, that I pulled into the driveway, unloaded my purchases while the kiddos slept, and got back into the air-conditioned car for the duration of Natalie's nap (I ended up nursing Naomi in the front passenger's seat).

That was not the first episode of car-seat desperation this week. As you'll see in the last photo, we had Naomi sleep in her car seat in the co-sleeper Wednesday night so she could remain upright and less congested, and so I could get a good night's sleep (she would otherwise have been sleeping on me while I slept propped up with pillows -- I was just too tired to do that by Wednesday night).

In the meantime, Naomi has been working on her smiles, and Natalie made the most of the hot weather...

Today took a random turn when a bird flew into our house through an open unscreened window! I walked into Natalie's room to discover the misplaced sparrow atop a tall bookcase. I was quite startled and then annoyed to have to clean up its trail of poop in the hallway. As Bret was not yet home from work, Ryan, Sarah, and family (the aforementioned Hattie and Tilly) -- our friends and neighbors extraordinaire -- walked over and helped rescue me from the bird, and the bird from itself. Bret did return in time for the excitement... I'm afraid I don't have a photo, but I'll never forget the image of that confused creature perched on the string of lights in Natalie's room...

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