I should have been sleeping, too

but I just had to get these photos

Both girls napped like this for about 20 minutes -- a new record. Before Naomi woke up, I snapped this photo and then proceeded to putter about the house, something I've gotten to do less of lately...

More thoughts, photos and updates below (click on 'read more')

Instead of puttering, crafting, and even prepping dinner, I've been playing with Natalie inside and outside  and/or nursing one or both girls and/or wearing Naomi to calm her down. Neither Bret nor I can deny that we're looking forward to when Naomi outgrows her evening fussy fits. She's not quite technically collicky, but it's challenging enough for us! Otherwise she is as sweet and pleasant as ever and remains a great eater and sleeper.

Natalie has become more verbal over the past couple of weeks. I've begun writing down some of her sentences, but they're not all that funny because they actually make sense, most of the time:

While in the sandbox with me: "I want to make cat food." I just had to double check, "Cat food? Food for cats?" "Uh huh."

Pointing at me while I was nursing Naomi: "I'm getting bigger, and I'll be a mommy someday like you."

To Naomi: "What's your problem?"

On several occasions: "Put Naomi down and play with me."

At least once a day: "Put Naomi in her little bed and nurse me."

Me: "Do you want to go to the store now?" Natalie: "No, I'm watching Snoopy. It's almost over."

When Bret and I are having a conversation: "What you talking about?"

At random times: "I love you guys," or "I love you so much."

In other news, Natalie got a new toy car yesterday and couldn't wait to share it with her sister.

I've also been trying to capture Naomi's big smiles, but she's not yet smiling for the camera...

Andrea, Friday 18 September 2009 at 7:00 pm One comment
Mackenzie, (Email ) (URL) - 23-09-’09 18:42

Andrea, I love your posts! You are such an encouragement to me – being a mother, breastfeeding, being crafty, having your 2 yr old sing worship songs… so many things! :)
Glad you and your sweet family are doing well!

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