Slowing down

... photos are in the works ...

These last two weeks have been ... I can't even think of any perfectly appropriate analogies or adjectives. Roller coaster. Stretching. Difficult. Challenging. Growing pains. Hitting the wall. ... On the upswing, these past two weeks have also held some wonderful moments. Big smiles. Fun and games. Beautiful weather. Completion of five mobiles for my Etsy shop. Fairy princess. Playing dollhouse. Family visits. Big-girl haircut.

Here's a teaser photo of Natalie's first big-girl salon haircut. The final result is adorable and almost too grown-up for my comfort!

More thoughts below...

All in all, I've been changing gears (more like grinding gears) and slowing down to be the mother I need to be right now. Which includes taking a few precious moments to relax and veg out on the computer and ignore the dishes in the sink and the mess in Natalie's room.

Unfortunately, tonight has been a catch-up night in those regards, which means it's way past bedtime for all of us, and I spent way too much time on Facebook. Yes, I did the unthinkable and joined the evil network. And I've been liking it, just like everyone said I would.

However, I feel more comfortable on my blogs, and plan to do most of my writing and posting of photos here. I consider this the place where my true friends and family come to find me and the rest of this Parliament of Rookses.

And now for bedtime...

Andrea, Monday 28 September 2009 at 01:06 am No comments
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