Met where I'm at

Today started with screaming.

Natalie loudly labored with a bowl movement for about as long as I was in labor with Naomi. And when she finally, uh, had the movement, let’s just say that I can see why it took her so long to finish her business. Yikes.


Meanwhile, Naomi was fussier than usual all day, probably because I was acting as Natalie’s doula for more than two hours and couldn’t get the baby down for her usual morning nap. At one point, after Natalie had finally relieved herself, I was nursing both girls and started crying. I couldn’t help but whine that I didn’t have anyone to take care of me in that moment. I just felt that I’d been giving so much of myself to support the kids all morning ... and this is just the beginning of parenting two daughters!


After we got cleaned up, I took us out to my favorite coffee shop, Black Horse on Broad. I had my heart set on a chocolate-raspberry muffin and some of their awesome fried chicken. I was crestfallen to learn at the counter that they only make the fried chicken in the summer. A savory scone had to suffice.


On the way out, I decided to refill Natalie’s water cup. While pouring the water, I got distracted (you know, like ya do), and spilled water all over the floor. I asked for a towel, and got a compassionate “don’t worry about it—you’ve got your hands full” from the barista. He recognized me (I went to that coffee shop just about every week before Naomi was born) and congratulated me on the baby snuggled in the carrier. He noted that I hadn’t been in in a while, and said that though they’re not making the fried chicken anymore, they’re going to have chicken parmesan sandwiches starting next week. He offered me one on the house as a congrats for the new baby. I needed that, on many levels...

After the coffee shop, we headed to a thrift store down the street. I had a list of several random items that would require bizarre good luck to track down. Apparently it was my lucky day! I found two beautiful dress-up outfits for Natalie, including a nearly pristine white flower-girl dress; a sombrero, which with a little yellow paint will be perfect for Bret’s Man in the Yellow Hat costume; some miscellaneous clothes for Natalie; a couple of vintage finds; and a pair of jeans for me.


Now, about the jeans. Just this morning, I was lamenting the fact that none of my jeans fit me very well—not the maternity jeans, not my regular jeans. So, I decided to suck it up and buy a size larger than I’d like to admit that I wear. But I wanted to spend less than 10 bucks on said pants because I’m certain that I won’t stay this size (I hope, I hope, I hope). The thrift store yielded a pair of Old Navy stretch, straight-leg jeans in the right size, for two bucks.


I am so thankful that God meets me where I am. I’ve been struggling to focus on Him and not on my shopping expeditions as pick-me-ups. It’s too easy to depend on getting out and about for “retail therapy” and do nothing to address my deeper needs for validation, accomplishment, and contentment. So, when I had success and fun in my outings today, my heart was thankful directly to God.


God also blessed me in the dentist’s office today (did I mention it was a very long day?). My hygienist is the sweetest Christian mother of four, and she bent over backwards to accommodate me and Naomi while cleaning my teeth. I was a little nervous about bringing a 2-month-old nursling who can cry pretty loudly—as Bret pointed out, what if someone in the next chair was getting a root canal when Naomi announced that she needed to eat?


Naomi ended up charming everyone in the office, and I was able to nurse her while reclined in the dentist’s chair as my hygienist bubbled over with joy at the baby’s cuteness and my ability to hang in there as a mom. Plus, she totally identified with my newfound inability to button my favorite jeans.


Now that we’ve had a relatively quiet evening of dinner and three episodes of ‘Scrubs’ season eight, I’m ready for bed. It’s been a day of screaming, accomplishment, growth, and affirmation. I’m thankful.

Andrea, Thursday 08 October 2009 at 10:14 am four comments
Regina, (Email ) (URL) - 08-10-’09 12:34

Andrea, I’m so glad you are aware of God’s infinite love and mercy for you in the hecticness of your life. It’s such a love affirmation to know He cares about the details of our lives – like a bargain on jeans that fit!
I’ve got a card for you on my desk that was returned because I inadvertantly used your old address. Duh!
Lots of hugs and kisses all around.

Lara, - 08-10-’09 21:20

Whoops! That was me, Lara, in the comment above. =)

Lara, - 08-10-’09 21:23

Okay, so can you tell I’m used to Blogger. I’ll figure this out eventually. The comment that didn’t post (above my other comment) said:

I love your openness and honesty in this post. I’m so glad you received some blessings while out and about today.

Gotta love ending a day with Scrubs. Especially a day that started with screaming! =)

Love you!

Gina Beana, - 09-10-’09 13:50

Awww I love you friend. I wish I could be there to help you out a little. I would totally babysit for a couple hours so you could just relax.
I can totally relate to the retail therapy thing lately. Even today I felt proud of myself for making it through a week of ballet (everyday) and thought “I should go buy something to reward myself.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you know. I also do that when I am feeling down and need a pick me up. So thanks for sharing that and making me feel a little less alone in this urge. I will pray for you in this too, we should keep tabs on each other with it (oh yeah, DOH! we were supposed to be doing that already :) ).

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