I've never been so thankful for a regular ol' Monday. No doctor's appointments, no waiting for lab results, no rushing to pack for a hospital stay. Nope, this morning we just went to Starbuck's and Trader Joe's, as per our usual Monday routine. And because we didn't have any pressing engagements, we ran a couple of other errands and spent some time at the park on a beautiful fall day.

I'm thankful for normal. Last week was rough and weird and good and scary and exhausting. By Saturday, I was feeling mostly back to normal. Naomi was back to her normal, very happy little self by the time we got home from the hospital on Wednesday. As of this evening, Bret said he's feeling mostly recovered from my and Naomi's two days in the hospital. Natalie, I think, is pretty much recovered. She threw a pretty big fit in church crying for Daddy when he got up from the pew to lead worship during the service yesterday. Otherwise, she's been her normal chipper self.

As an official update, Naomi has a grade-2 kidney reflux (vesicoureteral reflux), a condition that means her urine refluxes back up toward her kidney instead of flowing completely out of her system. Since it's a grade 2 (out of 5 grades), she is very likely to outgrow it, at least according to the pediatricians we've seen and the few pages I've read online.

More below...

Tomorrow, I'm taking Naomi to our chiropractor, who also has a background in natural remedies and alternative medicine.

We meet with a urologist on Oct. 29. I have lots of questions, mostly about what we should do until she outgrows this condition and whether she'll always be extra susceptible to urinary tract infections even after she outgrows it. I'm also curious about whether she should really be taking a perpetual course of antibiotics, as prescribed, to ward off future infections.

I'm already taking extra probiotics in hopes of boosting my system and passing some of the extra boost to Naomi's system via breastmilk. I may seek an appointment with a naturopath for more info on probiotics and anything else I can do for Naomi's health at this point.

Otherwise, I was advised by our pediatrician to have her urine checked every few months and any time she has a fever, whether she's had a cold or not. She should also have another voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) in 6 to 12 months. The pediatrician also said that it's good that Naomi got as sick as she did when she did -- her system alerted us all to her condition. A lesser infection or fewer symptoms may have gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as an ear infection (the doctor said he's seen that happen).

I thank God for the circumstances that alerted me to Naomi's condition. We were in Fresno last weekend when I first noticed that she felt hot at night. I noticed her temperature because I was up with her more than usual, sitting and nursing her before putting her down in a bassinet -- she usually sleeps in our bed when we're at home. Bret's mom also noted that Naomi felt a little warm at odd times during the day, but not enough to prompt us to take her temperature.

Naomi's doctor said that 100 years ago, this would have been a mortal infection blamed on the "evil eye" or SIDS. Needless to say, I'm thankful to live in this era. Ultimately, as stated in one of my favorite worship songs, "He that first made me still keeps me alive."

Now, I'm standing at the laptop, which is on the kitchen counter amid dirty dinner dishes. Naomi is sleeping and nursing in the wrap. And I hear strains of ukulele music accompanying Bret and Natalie's voices down the hall.

I'm deeply thankful.

Andrea, Monday 19 October 2009 at 9:30 pm two comments
Gina Beana, - 20-10-’09 15:11

Probiotics sound like a great idea! I got prescribed them when I found out I am susceptible to bacterial infections. I don’t take them as often as I should, of course :(.
I am so happy things are back to normal for you. Miss you friend.

Aunt Regina, (Email ) (URL) - 27-10-’09 18:02

So proud of you & what great parents. It is the gracious mercy of our loving Father that you were led to an early diagnosis. Your obedience to be caring and vigilant parents has been rewarded.
Lots of love from Iowa – and big hugs too.
P.S. A college friend called me Gina Beana, or just “Beaner” for short. Saw your friend with the same moniker & it made me smile. ;-)

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