"Don't smile at me, I'm bad," and other quotes

plus some January photos

We've been blessed by the typical California January weather: unseasonable heat followed by pouring rain. Before it started raining, we enjoyed some backyard time with our friends Sarah, Hattie, and Tilly. I've also been keeping a log of the amusing things Natalie says and have listed them below...

The birthday princess loved her dress-up clothes from mommy and daddy. She also loved the cards and gifts she's received in the mail. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rooks for the books and the cutest PJs ever! And thanks Grandma Julie for helping us celebrate in person... We love you all!

Right now, we're making the most of the rain and are generally enjoying being stuck in the house -- it helps that Natalie and I are both feeling better after having minor colds... And Naomi is apparently getting faster at turning and scooting -- I looked down from my chair to find her 180-degrees turned from how she was a minute ago. She was making her way toward Natalie's dress-up drawer. Yikes...

Natalie and Hattie love to twirl!

Bret and Natalie are getting ready for February Album Writing Month.

Natalie and Naomi enjoyed the first of what I'm sure will be many tea parties together.

And now for the quotes:

Natalie: Naomi is a gosling.

Me: A gosling? A baby goose?

Natalie: Yes. I am a grandma goose.

To Naomi: Yeah, I know I'm funny.

Regarding eggs: They're made out of chickens.

To Naomi: Don't eat my outfit!

Regarding a vintage Neil Young video: Is that a mommy or a daddy playing guitar?

To Naomi: You can't draw yet. It's a problem.

While eating lunch and looking out over the hills behind our house: No cow! Stop eating turkey. It's not Thanksgiving. It's tuna lunch time!

To Bret: You're a man. I'm a princess. Hi, man!

Singing with her guitar: It looks like Christmas in here ... but it's not! That's my Christmas song.

While watching a Western-themed Veggie Tales: Mommy, is that a bear or a cow?

Me: It's a buffalo.

God is in my tummy. (God is inside of us, was her explanation.)

Spit is fun.

I came out of no one. (Meaning to say "I came out of nowhere.")

When sick: I don't want you guys to take care of me. I want the doctor to take care of me.

To Bret: You are not a woman or a Natalie. You're Daddy.

While cooking dinner and happy with my domestic life, I said: I like being a mom.

Natalie's response: I'm not liking you.

When asked for explanation: I don't like you because I'm sad. (She was sad because she was sick.)

I assured her that I love her no matter how she feels or what she says, though I was still a little bummed.

Andrea, Monday 18 January 2010 at 2:05 pm two comments
Beana, (Email ) - 23-01-’10 14:12

I just read these to Casey and we both cracked up!! Free entertainment for you huh?? What a cutie! I love the “it’s a problem” the best.

Grandpa Rooks, - 03-02-’10 04:35

These are priceless. They might be funnier than the boys were when they were little…however, none of the boys ever said, “Don’t eat my outfit.” Love it.

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