The list narrows

  • rooks.paper.scissors
  • paper gourmet

See this post for what this is all about.

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Miscellaneous Thoughts From Bret

I haven’t posted anything since February (wow…really?), so I thought I’d put up a few quick links, thoughts, etc. just to show that I’m still around, blogwise.


  • Garfield Minus Garfield is wonderful…
  • I tilted my chair back at work after reading this.
  • Here is an interesting essay/speech from writer Clay Shirkey called, “Gin, Television, and Social Surplus.” Definitely worth reading.
  • Stuff White People Like is amusing too, although it’s heavily skewed towards “stuff upper middle class urban white people like.” Yet, several of them are spot on for me, for better or worse.

Music I’ve Purchased/Found Recently:

  • April by Sun Kil Moon – Slow, deliberate, moody and beautiful. Go listen to it.
  • Boxer by The National – Paste Magazine’s album of the year in 2007…after initially giving it a three-star review. It’s a “grower,” and it’s growing on me rapidly.
  • Third by Portishead – Their first album in 11 years, and they come back with a much more experimental sound, somewhere between their last album and Kid A and static…but in a fascinating way. Not for everyone…
  • The Archivist EP is a free 6-song download which I think is great…

Random Thoughts:

  • I’m buying Natalie a 21st birthday present soon…a small bottle of 2007 Sauternes. If you haven’t heard of it, Sauternes is one of the great dessert wines of the world, amazingly rich and complex when done well. It can also last for decades when aged properly. If you ever get the chance to have some, do it.
  • Pastor Brian’s sermon from two weeks ago has really stuck with me. In talking about sin as foolishness/anti-wisdom, he mentioned Cornelius Plantinga’s definition of wisdom as, â??the knowledge of Godâ??s world and the knack of fitting oneself into it.â? He then went on to say that developing that knack requires careful attention to detail when it comes to creation (and especially relationships). Rooted in scripture, we should approach the world with a connoisseur-like appraisal, seeking deep and nuanced understanding. This connection between wisdom and nuance is something I hadn’t heard stated so explicitly before, but it instantly resonated with me and has continued to bounce around in my brain. So thanks, Pastor Brian!

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Top names so far

Thanks, everyone, for your input on a name for my craft blog/Etsy store! I’m having a hard time sticking to my June deadline (I’m very excited about any new projects that come my way), but I’ve got to really focus on finishing Shannon’s wedding project ...

Anyway, here are my favorite names so far:

  • Paper Nerd
  • Paper Gourmet
  • Sage Lily
  • Panda Doodle (I love how fun that sounds, but more than one person boldly explained that it sounds like something a panda would leave in the bottom of its cage)
  • CreativeLeigh

And a new one:

  • Andie’s Handiwork (this is the first time I’ve written it down, and I don’t like it as well — it rolls off the tongue but is kind of blah visually)

There’s still a prize to be claimed!

PS Josh gets an honorable mention for Can Haz Grertngz, which would be a division of LOL Cards, I’m sure! (It took both Ryan Miller and Bret to decipher and explain Can Haz Grertngz…)

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