We haven't done this in years

Ever since she saw an episode of "Curious George" in which the title character flies a kite, Natalie's been asking to fly a kite of her own. "Maybe a Hello Kitty one?" she'll often add. I usually put her off, telling her that maybe she'll get a kite for Christmas or her birthday (I needed to buy myself some time to find the requested kite).

But the other day I remembered that Bret and I have a kite somewhere in our back closet. Sure enough, a lovely Pocket Parafoil was waiting for us, tucked neatly into its stuff sack. Yesterday was a perfectly blustery day, the late afternoon was dragging a little bit (they often do), and I'd already started dinner, so I was out of reasons to not fly a kite with Natalie.

We walked around to the back of our house, a neglected area of mowed weeds and gopher holes. I tossed the kite in the air, handed Natalie the spool, and watched with childlike wonder as our beautiful parafoil tugged and ducked and rolled on the wind. Natalie was excited and laughed every time the kite crashed onto the roof.

Too soon, the wind drove Natalie indoors, but she gave the kite flying another try when Bret got home. He seemed to enjoy the experience, as well...

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A first

Tonight, Natalie left the living room where Bret and I were still watching an episode of 'Scrubs,' walked down the hall to our bedroom, crawled into 'the mommy daddy bed,' and fell asleep on her own! This is the first time that's happened at bedtime -- I don't know what to do with myself, especially since I've got Naomi asleep in the wrap right now.

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Recent photos

Fun with Grandma Julie and Grandpa George

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Slowing down

... photos are in the works ...

These last two weeks have been ... I can't even think of any perfectly appropriate analogies or adjectives. Roller coaster. Stretching. Difficult. Challenging. Growing pains. Hitting the wall. ... On the upswing, these past two weeks have also held some wonderful moments. Big smiles. Fun and games. Beautiful weather. Completion of five mobiles for my Etsy shop. Fairy princess. Playing dollhouse. Family visits. Big-girl haircut.

Here's a teaser photo of Natalie's first big-girl salon haircut. The final result is adorable and almost too grown-up for my comfort!

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I should have been sleeping, too

but I just had to get these photos

Both girls napped like this for about 20 minutes -- a new record. Before Naomi woke up, I snapped this photo and then proceeded to putter about the house, something I've gotten to do less of lately...

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Let the games begin

Now that Naomi's getting better at smiling, she and her big sister are having fun making each other show their pearly whites and, er, gums. Natalie is also fond of holding onto Naomi (in the first photo, Natalie fell asleep holding Naomi's hand) and getting Naomi to kick her...

Naomi exhibited big smiles when she kicked at Natalie, who began laughing hysterically. I took a couple of little videos of their antics, and as soon as I figure out how to edit and upload them, I'll post them here.

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Smiles, etc.

Hot weather, head colds, and an animal adventure

It's been quite a week. The first few moments of Monday morning were not so promising, but the day ended up being eventful, productive, and surprisingly smooth. Our activities included grocery shopping, Naomi's 1-month checkup (during which we learned that she now weighs 11 lbs 3 oz), and an hour in the Social Security Administration office (during which Natalie was patient beyond her years!).

Tuesday, however, was more challenging.

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