"It's hard to be Natalie"

and other recent quotes

There's no doubt about it -- Natalie is a sensitive, expressive little girl. I enjoy (most of the time) hearing what she says throughout the day...

"It's dark in here. I can't see your face."

"Oh my goodness, it's 4 o'clock on my stove."

"Remember, food makes me grow? Remember?"

"Someday I get married and have dancing and lots of people and flowers and a dress and special shoes."

"Remember? Ice melts into water?"

When on an evening walk: "The moon is coming with us."

When Naomi's head flopped while I was wearing her in the wrap: "Naomi's head coming off! It's broken."

Into a pen cap: "I'd like fruit juice and a chocolate muffin -- to go."

To a smooshed ant: "Ant, wake up!"

"Naomi is a monster, a sad baby monster."

"I want to ride in a rocket ship, with my grandparents."

"Naomi is a princess."

"Dad, can I have a sip of your mocha."

Atop a pile of clean laundry: "I'm a mountain girl."

To Hattie, after Hattie didn't want to share a toy: "You can't say no to me."

"It's hard to be Natalie."

"I love daddy and not you" (to me after a nap)

"Naomi, keep your hands to yourself."

To Naomi: "Big baby muffin face. I'm round cookie face."

"I'm getting married in one week." Me: "Oh yeah? What did Daddy say?" "Daddy said no."

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I've never been so thankful for a regular ol' Monday. No doctor's appointments, no waiting for lab results, no rushing to pack for a hospital stay. Nope, this morning we just went to Starbuck's and Trader Joe's, as per our usual Monday routine. And because we didn't have any pressing engagements, we ran a couple of other errands and spent some time at the park on a beautiful fall day.

I'm thankful for normal. Last week was rough and weird and good and scary and exhausting. By Saturday, I was feeling mostly back to normal. Naomi was back to her normal, very happy little self by the time we got home from the hospital on Wednesday. As of this evening, Bret said he's feeling mostly recovered from my and Naomi's two days in the hospital. Natalie, I think, is pretty much recovered. She threw a pretty big fit in church crying for Daddy when he got up from the pew to lead worship during the service yesterday. Otherwise, she's been her normal chipper self.

As an official update, Naomi has a grade-2 kidney reflux (vesicoureteral reflux), a condition that means her urine refluxes back up toward her kidney instead of flowing completely out of her system. Since it's a grade 2 (out of 5 grades), she is very likely to outgrow it, at least according to the pediatricians we've seen and the few pages I've read online.

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Hospital and home photos

Bret got lots of cuddle time when he visited Naomi and me in the hospital on Tuesday (Oct. 13).

Naomi got a new T-shirt as a souvenir.

Our last day in the hospital--Bret came early enough to be there for Naomi's last test.

There's nothing like a wheelchair to make you feel like a patient.

There are several more photos below...


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Home again

We're home from the hospital! Naomi is doing very well. She has kidney reflux (vesicoureteral reflux), which happens in about a third of kids who get urinary tract infections. The doctor said she'll likely outgrow it without more treatment. I was relieved to hear that -- Bret and I were in the X-ray room and saw the reflux happen, and my first thought was that she'd need surgery... Truly there's nothoing like seeing your baby's innards on the X-ray monitor!

We have a few follow-ups scheduled for more info.

For more about our hospital saga, click here.

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Hospital update

and Part I of the whole story

Naomi and I spent our second night in the hospital last night. We've been here roughly 36 hours, and she's gotten the two doses of antibiotics for her urinary tract infection. She's had blood drawn, an IV placed, a shot in the leg, and an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder. Through it all, Naomi has been a trooper (I should capitalize that 't')--a Trooper. 

Bret visited twice yesterday--for lunch and dinner--while Natalie played at our friend's house. Bret also took Natalie out on some errands, including one to get her very own pink umbrella. He's also going to be here for this morning's test.

Today at 11, the nurses will place a tiny catheter into Naomi's bladder, and the radiologists will inject dye and watch it under X-ray to make sure that the dye doesn't reflux into the kidneys. I am a bit uneasy about this test, but I asked our pediatrician about it. Specifically, I asked, "If this was your baby, would you have this test done?" He said yes. The risk of not doing it entails undiagnosed kidney damage and more nfections. Oy...

So far this morning, Naomi is smiling her biggest smiles at anyone who'll glance at her. She's cooing and kicking and playing with her feet. We both slept very well last night, which was no surprise since both of us were desperately tired. I'm in good spirits this morning, and am praying that everything will go smoothly and we'll be able to go home today.

Yesterday morning, I had a chance to start documenting the experience. Here's the story of how we ended up here in the hospital...


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From the hospital

Naomi and I are in the hospital so she can get IV antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. We've been here since Monday evening. She's doing well, and we should be able to go home tomorrow morning...

Naomi got an ultrasound on her kidneys and bladder this morning. Preliminary results look OK...

Naomi's hospital gown is a little big. The leg warmers jazz it up a bit.

I'll post more details later...

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Met where I'm at

Today started with screaming.

Natalie loudly labored with a bowl movement for about as long as I was in labor with Naomi. And when she finally, uh, had the movement, let’s just say that I can see why it took her so long to finish her business. Yikes.


Meanwhile, Naomi was fussier than usual all day, probably because I was acting as Natalie’s doula for more than two hours and couldn’t get the baby down for her usual morning nap. At one point, after Natalie had finally relieved herself, I was nursing both girls and started crying. I couldn’t help but whine that I didn’t have anyone to take care of me in that moment. I just felt that I’d been giving so much of myself to support the kids all morning ... and this is just the beginning of parenting two daughters!


After we got cleaned up, I took us out to my favorite coffee shop, Black Horse on Broad. I had my heart set on a chocolate-raspberry muffin and some of their awesome fried chicken. I was crestfallen to learn at the counter that they only make the fried chicken in the summer. A savory scone had to suffice.


On the way out, I decided to refill Natalie’s water cup. While pouring the water, I got distracted (you know, like ya do), and spilled water all over the floor. I asked for a towel, and got a compassionate “don’t worry about it—you’ve got your hands full” from the barista. He recognized me (I went to that coffee shop just about every week before Naomi was born) and congratulated me on the baby snuggled in the carrier. He noted that I hadn’t been in in a while, and said that though they’re not making the fried chicken anymore, they’re going to have chicken parmesan sandwiches starting next week. He offered me one on the house as a congrats for the new baby. I needed that, on many levels...


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'Can I hold Naomi?'

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Remembering September

... before we get too deep into October

Grandpa George lovingly cuddled Naomi and walked her to sleep.

Natalie loves to nurse her baby dolls.

More photos below...


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I love being -- er, having -- a kid!

I had so much fun building this castle last week that I was disappointed when I had to get up to nurse Naomi before I was finished with the flying buttresses!

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