Sweet dreams

It seems that Natalie has officially given up napping ... but most nights she's been going to sleep earlier. Sometimes Naomi joins her. We like those nights.

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"Don't smile at me, I'm bad," and other quotes

plus some January photos

We've been blessed by the typical California January weather: unseasonable heat followed by pouring rain. Before it started raining, we enjoyed some backyard time with our friends Sarah, Hattie, and Tilly. I've also been keeping a log of the amusing things Natalie says and have listed them below...

The birthday princess loved her dress-up clothes from mommy and daddy. She also loved the cards and gifts she's received in the mail. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rooks for the books and the cutest PJs ever! And thanks Grandma Julie for helping us celebrate in person... We love you all!

Right now, we're making the most of the rain and are generally enjoying being stuck in the house -- it helps that Natalie and I are both feeling better after having minor colds... And Naomi is apparently getting faster at turning and scooting -- I looked down from my chair to find her 180-degrees turned from how she was a minute ago. She was making her way toward Natalie's dress-up drawer. Yikes...


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2009 in review

Favorite photos from the year plus new December photos

2009 was a year of growth, birth, sickness, more growth, faith, fun, and still more growth. Looking back, it's hard for me to believe that 2009 was only one year -- a year's worth of of challenges and growth seemed to take place between July and October alone. Yet it all went by so fast, just like everyone always says!

Here's to a new year of peace, health, contentment, joy, faith, and yes, growth.



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Natalie is sick today (we canceled Saturday's party), and she said to me: "I don't want you to take care of me, I want the doctor to take care of me." Naomi is also apparently fighting something -- I noticed that one of her lymph glands is swollen. Neither of them were sick enough for the doctor to want to see them today when I called this morning...

Both girls are just ill enough to be clingy and sleepy. In Natalie's case, she's not sick enough for me to go into crisis mode (I'm good at crisis mode) but feeling crummy enough to be whiny and difficult when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to (ie drink the yucky tea I made her). I'm not so good at dealing with this mode, plus I'm very sad about canceling Natalie's birthday party. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to sad about the fated festivities.

Today was saved from being a total bust by the timely and loving interventions of Sarah and then Bret. Sarah brought a balloon for Natalie (thanks, Hattie!), plus flowers, a Frappuccino, and cupcakes in addition to the Tylenol and juice we needed. I call Sarah my angel who bringeth liquid grace. Then Bret came home early, which made for a drastic difference in Natalie's behavior. Ever since he arrived, she's been quiet and compliant, and I've gotten to focus on caring for Naomi and picking up the pieces of tomorrow's party...

Though I'm sad and disappointed, I'm hopeful and full of faith that God is leading us through this. Who knows what tomorrow would have brought if our plans hadn't been redirected by God's hand.

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Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Our Little Doo turns 3

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This just in!

Naomi's first tooth is coming through -- I felt it last night while she was teething on my finger! I knew it would be soon because the night before she had been chomping at the air, plus she's been rashy and extra cranky... Only 19 more chompers to go -- oy!

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