Brief update ... photos coming soon

It seems that the few times I've sat down at the computer to compose a post, I remember that Bret has the camera (with recent photos still in it) at work! I'll remedy that soon...

By way of an update, Natalie has been saying some wonderfully funny things lately, which I've jotted down on sticky notes around the house. I'll compile them in a post soon. Naomi is teething and pretty upset about it (she's currently rifling through the desk drawer while sitting on my lap). She's also getting close to crawling -- she's capable getting up on all fours but seems to prefer sitting and reaching or being on her tummy and spinning around.

I've been busy with custom mobiles, some through my shop and one for Ryan Miller -- a one-of-a-kind dragon mobile that's taken me 13 months to get going. I'm in the final stages of completing that masterpiece and could use some physics help -- the third and largest dragon won't balance properly. I'll post photos and notes here and on my craft blog as soon as it's presentable (and presented to the recipient, of course).

Bret's been spending his free time working on FAWM songs (February Album Writing Month). He and the aforementioned Ryan have written and recorded five songs to date and plan a final creative push this weekend.

On Feb. 21, Bret and I celebrated our 10-year togetherness anniversary! We started dating a decade ago after I crashed my car while we were both visiting my parents in Santa Rosa. Ah, memories!

Andrea, Friday 26 February 2010 at 2:27 pm One comment

Naomi's first food


It's been getting more and more difficult to keep Naomi from getting her hands on my food. Once I finally got used to the idea that she is obviously ready to try her first solid food, I let her lunge for and grab a banana I was eating while holding her. She immediately put it in her mouth, bit down, pulled it out, considered what just happened, and went back for more. Naomi seemed to enjoy the new experience, and for her second banana adventure, I put her in the high chair and let her go to town on it. It was amusing -- for her and for me!

Andrea, Monday 08 February 2010 at 6:47 pm One comment

Mommy's little helper

Natalie's been quite helpful lately while I've been working on packaging up three mobiles to send to a gallery in Bridgewater, Mass. She made her own scrapbook pages and helped with my mobiles' packaging. (There are more photos on my craft blog.)

The other day I turned around from working on the laptop and saw Natalie wearing an old pair of my glasses, reading in bed...

Andrea, Friday 05 February 2010 at 8:43 pm One comment