Cute ... and getting faster

I love these dresses! I bought the one Naomi's wearing for Natalie when she was almost a year old. I hung onto it just in case I had another lil' girl. And then, a few weeks ago, I found the same dress in the same second-hand store in Natalie's current size! It's currently the only matching outfit the girls have, and Natalie has twice now requested that she and her sister wear them at the same time.

I was not prepared for Naomi to be into icky things as soon as she figured out how to scoot herself around the house. Before I could get used to the idea of her being fully mobile, she was knocking over the trash ...

... and opening up cupboards. She helped herself to some of my vases and jars. Clearly I need to replace the latch on this cupboard! Naomi is also much more adventurous than Natalie and seems to have a less refined palate -- she doesn't mind hunting and eating dust bunnies, dirt clods, bark, rocks, grass, weeds, dirty tissues, and so on.

In other news, the girls are almost over their respective head colds. It's been a bummer to help them weather the congestion/sore throat/sneezing/coughing/buckets of snot that have resulted from this bug...

Also, Bret and I were able to have a night away on the 17th at a local bed and breakfast to celebrate our 10-year dating anniversary. Thanks, Grandma Julie and Grandpa George for coming and staying with Natalie overnight! We had a wonderful time together, and Naomi was a good sport (we brought her with us).

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"Dad, there's some e-mail on the couch."

Natalie quotes and some photos

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then these quotes from Natalie are sure to help me kick the yucky head cold I've had for three days. I love reading the funny things my little person says just about every day. Plus, these photos from throughout February always make me smile...


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Dragon and Dragon and Dragon

I finished the dragon mobile for Ryan! Natalie named the brown dragon "Dragon and Dragon and Dragon."

It was one of the most challenging craft projects I've undertaken, and I am excited about taking paper crafts to a personal next level. More photos and notes are on my craft blog.

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