Writing space

A few months ago, I began thinking that I'd like to have a writing desk. I hope to someday have use for something other than the functional-but-cheap Staples number that houses our desktop computer and Bret's sound board, and something other than the beautiful, solid-wood desk-and-hutch setup that I've had since I was a little girl. The former is Bret's work station, and the latter will be Natalie and Naomi's desk once they need a homework space.

I hadn't really begun my search for a desk when I crossed paths with an unassuming vintage desk in a lovely shop in Templeton (about 25 miles north of SLO). It was solid wood, and it was green -- my green. This was about two or three months ago, and there was no way I could buy the desk then. There were budget, space, and transportation issues. But I was happy to know that there existed such a thing as a green writing desk.

Last week, I returned to that store just to browse and spend a little time among lovely things that I had no intention of buying. Well, the desk was still there. My heart fluttered a little. I somewhat wistfully asked the shop owner how quickly things tend to sell in her shop. She said it's completely random. I then mentioned that I loved that green desk but was waiting till closer to my birthday and that I had no way to get it home. She asked where I lived, and when I told her, she said that her sister lives in SLO. We then narrowed down our respective residences only to find out that her sister is one of my neighbors. And she has a truck. And she was going to be at the shop on Saturday and would be willing to deliver the desk.

It was meant to be. When I see the green desk in my bedroom, I smile inside and out and can't help but ask myself, "What wonderful things will I write while sitting at that desk?" I see God's hand in the gift of this desk -- a small piece of furniture, but a testament of His provision for me now and always.

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We had a perfectly wonderful weekend with my family at my sister's house in La Grange (between Modesto and Sonora). The best Mother's Day gift was seeing Natalie and her cousin, Landon, playing happily on the gorgeous grounds.


Andrea, Tuesday 11 May 2010 at 7:42 pm Two comments

From friends in Nashville

I just got this message from my friend, Flo, who lives in Nashville, TN, a city that has experienced recent tragic flooding. Fortunately she and her family are OK, but she knows many who need help. She included a link to photos and some ways to help... Please keep them in your prayers.

Subject: Nashville Floods -Update and a favor please!

Friends that blog, facebook, etc.

I'm asking a favor.

Over the weekend Nashville experienced catastrophic flooding, making history, taking lives, ruining homes, and shutting down the city.

Yet - not many around the nation seem to even know about it.

The media does not seem to be reporting it and so many of my friends have been unaware of the magnitude of the devastation that has occurred in TN.

Our family is SO fortunate to be alive, after being trapped in gridlock traffic for 2 hours on a flooding freeway with no way to get out. Praise God we were finally able to turn around and move to higher ground.

Our house is dry on our little hill, and the rains have subsided, but water fills many, many homes in my area still - down the street, a barn is under water.


Andrea, Thursday 06 May 2010 at 5:13 pm Two comments